Butler County Transit Program

The Butler County Transit Program through the Butler County Department on Aging is a general public transportation program that offers a variety of routes throughout the county to help meet your travel needs. Vehicles offer curb-to-curb service, Monday through Friday. Service is available to anyone of any age. However, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and children under 8 years old or under 80 pounds must be secured in a child safety seat.

All general public transportation vehicles are handicapped accessible. Butler County Transit does not furnish wheelchairs.

Funding for the general public transportation program is provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation, federal and state funding, and Butler County mill levy.

Routes Offered

Augusta & El Dorado Routes

Our general public transportation vehicles are in each town Monday through Friday. In both towns, the routes begin at 9:00 am and end at       3:00 pm. Popular destinations are medical appointments, beauty salons, grocery stores, and apartment complexes. People can ride from Augusta to El Dorado in the morning and/or ride from El Dorado to Augusta in the late afternoon.

Andover Route

This route is constantly growing. Currently the general public transportation rides are available by reservation Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 12:00 noon.

Wichita Route

A general public transportation vehicle travels a route into Wichita every Wednesday and Thursday. The van arrives in Wichita at 10:30 am and leaves at 2:00 pm. Riders can be taken to destinations as far west as Broadway.


  • Inside City Limits: $0.50 per stop
  • Town to Town inside Butler County: $2 each way
  • Into Wichita: $4 each way
  • Purchase In-Town Ticket Books: $10 buys 25 rides (get 5 free rides)
  • Purchase Wichita trip Ticket Books: $20 buys 3 round trips (save $4)

How to Reserve / Schedule a Ride

It is best to call and schedule a ride 24 hours in advance of needing the ride. Reservations made after 4:00 pm for the next day may not be accepted. To schedule your ride call (316) 775-0500 or 1-800-279-3655.

Needing information on transportation outside the Butler County area?  Visit to learn more about your options.