Additional Programs


The Butler County Department on Aging has other, smaller services available to the citizens of Butler County. All of these programs are operated without a cost to the senior citizen or their family. 

Christmas Bag Project

The Butler County Department on Aging's yearly Christmas Bag Project focuses on acknowledging senior citizens who have neither family or friends involved in their lives nor contact them during the Christmas season.  The Project delivers a large tote bag full of a wide variety of items (food, candy, gloves, hats, hygiene products, puzzle books, etc.) to those individuals who fit the following guidelines:

 1)            60 years of age of older

2)            Lives alone (or a couple that lives alone)

3)            No family or friends involved in their lives

4)            Lives in Butler County

5)            Not a nursing home or assisted living resident

Referrals for a Christmas Bag Project must come from social services, home health, hospice, and apartment managers.

The Christmas Bag Project is made possible through donations from Butler County businesses and organizations.

NACO Prescription Discount Card

NACO is the National Association of Counties. This card is a joint effort of Butler County and NACO to provide Butler County citizens with an avenue to get a discount on prescription medicines. Enrollment is free. Average savings is about 20%. There are no age requirements or income requirements. Family is covered and use it anytime your prescription is not covered by insurance. Contact the Butler County Department on Aging at (316) 775-0500 to get your free NACO card.