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Mapping / GIS

  1. 2017 GIS Day Website Training Event

    Butler County GIS/Mapping Department is hosting a GIS Day Event to help build awareness of their website, provide hands-on training on... More…

  2. Comments and/or Concerns

    Please use this form to submit comments and/or concerns with any of the information on our departmental website or with the... More…

  3. Map Request Form

    This form is used to request a map by email or printed.

  4. Subdivision Plat Request Form

    This form is used to request a subdivision plat by email or printed. NOTE: Plats are now available for download on our website under... More…

  1. Buffer Map Request Form

    Please use this form when requesting a list of adjacent landowner's.

  2. GIS Data Request Form

    This form is to be used to request the GIS data in digital format.

  3. Rural Directory Order Form

    This form is used to order a Butler County Rural Directory.