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Fall/Winter AHA First Aid & CPR Classes

  1. This winter's offering includes a mix of dates, providing more than one opportunity for our volunteers to complete or renew their First Aid and CPR training. These classes are intended for Butler County CERT and CART members, but if space allows, members of the public may attend as well. Courses are free to CERT/CART volunteers; other attendees are only asked to cover the cost of their student materials ($20). **Additional sessions will be added if there is sufficient demand.

  2. Volunteer Team Affiliation

  3. Please select the date and course option(s) that work best for you -- feel free to mix-and-match options. To keep a manageable student-to-equipment ratio, class sizes are limited. Courses will be held in Augusta at the EOC/Dept of Safety Training Room (2100 N Ohio).

  4. First Aid Class (3 hours) - Limit 15 per session

  5. Adult/Ped/Infant CPR Class (3 hours) - Limit 10 per session

  6. If you have any questions about these course offerings, please contact Keri Korthals at 316-733-9796 or

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