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CERT Leadership Interest and Application Form

  1. If you are interested in applying for an executive leadership position or expressing interest in filling a group supervisory position within the CERT team, please complete this application.

  2. Executive Leadership Positions

    Please indicate the position for which you are applying. If you are interested in being considered for more than one position, please indicate that with your selections:

  3. Group Supervisory Positions

    Please indicate your interest in any of the following positions. You may select more than one.

  4. Please describe any past leadership or management experience you have had, either through a volunteer organization or through your employment.

  5. Please describe any experience or background you have specific to the area for which you are applying (i.e. previous safety program experience, education/training program management, etc.)

  6. Please describe any specific training or education you have relevant to the position for which you are applying.

  7. In your own words, please tell us what you see as being the traits of a successful volunteer leader.

  8. Interview Availability

    If applying for an executive leadership position, please indicate your availability for an interview (mark all that apply).

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