1. Administration

    Learn about the responsibilities of the county Administration Department.

  2. Aging

    Browse through services provided to residents over 60 years old.

  3. Appraiser's Office

    Browse through information on records of the data relating to all taxable and exempt real and personal property within the county.

  4. Attorney's Office

    Learn about responsibilities and browse through information from the Attorney's Office.

  5. Clerk's Office

    View information on county budgets, elections, population, wildlife, and more.

  6. Community Corrections

    Find information on adult and juvenile services provided by Community Corrections.

  7. Computer Services

    View services provided by Computer Services.

  8. District Court

    Obtain information about the 13th Judicial District Court.

  9. Economic Development

    Access information on cities within the county, small business resources, business incentives, and area industrial parks.

  10. Emergency Communications (E 9-1-1)

    Gain information on emergency communication services provided in Butler County.

  11. Emergency Management

    Learn how to prepare for emergencies and how you can help others.

  12. Emergency Medical Service

    Find information on EMS billing, department programs, station locations, educational opportunities, and public resources from Emergency Medical Service.

  13. Facilities Management

    Check out information on the care and upkeep of all facilities owned by Butler County.

  14. Fire Service

    View information on county fire departments, open burning regulations, and the Fire Chiefs Association.

  15. Health

    Browse through information on health services, clinics, and public health preparedness provided to Butler County residents.

  16. Juvenile Justice Services

    Learn about Butler County Juvenile Justice Services, including electronic monitoring, diversions, truancy, intake, and assessment.

  17. Landfill / Recycling

    Check out information on recycling opportunities and solid waste services provided to Butler County residents.

  18. Mapping / GIS

    Browse through our ready-to-print or downloadable maps or create your own customizable map.

  19. Motor Vehicle

    View information on buying or selling a vehicle, licensing and license plate requirements, and military requirements.

  20. Noxious Weed

    Learn about invasive species, weed control plans, noxious weeds, and more.

  21. Planning & Zoning

    Find information on floodplains, maps, permits, plans, studies, regulations, and zoning.

  22. Public Works

    Browse through information on engineering, county facilities, sewer districts, road construction, and more.

  23. Register of Deeds

    View information on all transactions in Butler Couty that have to do with land.

  24. Sheriff

    Find important information on Butler County's Sheriff's Office.

  25. Treasurer's Office

    Check out information on motor vehicle registering and titling, collecting taxes, and renewing driver's licenses.