Subdivision Plats

This page is currently under construction.  This page is where you will be able to download all subdivision plats recorded in Butler County.  Please remember that these are copies of the original plats and do not show any corrections or additions that have been recorded after this document.  All additional recordings are available in the Register of Deeds.
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Abraham Add (O-30B)
Adams 1st Add Aug (O-36A)
Adams East Annex (H-6)
Adams JB 1st Add (F-24)
Adams JB 2nd Add (H-5)
Adams South Annex (1-65)
Adams Weber Add (O-19A)
Adams Weber Add Showings
Adams West Annex (H-8)
Adlesperger 2nd Add (N-23)
Adlesperger 3rd Add (O-78B)
Adlesperger Add (M-2)
Adlesperger Smith Add (O-193B)
Adwin Place Add (2-35)
Adwin Place Add (E-10)
AG Service Development (O-147B)
Aikman (F-18)
Aikman Corrected (G-2)
Alexander Add (O-144B)
Allen Add (K-38)
Allen Bales Tracts (L-3)
Alleys 1st Add (O-10B)
Alleys 2nd Add (O-31B)
Alleys 2nd Add Replat (O-39B)
Alleys 3rd Add (O-54B)
Alleys 4th Add (O-100A)
Alleys Commercial Tracts (O-111B)
Andover (149)
Andover 1st Add
Andover 1st Add (I-54)
Andover 54 Center (O-185A)
Andover Business Center
Andover Central Add (P-166A)
Andover Church of Christ Add
Andover Commercial Sub (O-179A)
Andover Crossing Pg1 (O-198A)
Andover Crossing Pg2 (O-198B)
Andover Farm at Cedar Park 3rd Phase
Andover Farm at Cedar Park 4th Phase
Andover Farm at Cedar Park 5th Phase
Andover Farm at Cedar Park 6th Phase
Andover Heights 1st Add (M-21)
Andover Heights 2nd Add (M-38)
Andover Heights 2nd Add Replat (O-12B)
Andover Heights 3rd Add (O-5A)
Andover Heights 4th Add (O-20A)
Andover Heights 5th Add (O-43A)
Andover Heights 6th Add (O-43B)
Andover Heights 7th Add (O-105B)
Andover Heights 8th Add (O-109B)
Andover Industrial Park 2nd Add
Andover Industrial Park Pg1 (O-173B)
Andover Industrial Park Pg2 (O-174A)
Andover Landing
Andover Landing 2nd
Andover Park (J-34)
Andover Professional Center (O-118A)
Andover Square Add(O-151B)
Andover Town Companys Add (1-53)
Andover Town Companys Add (E-5)
Andover Towne Center Add
Andover Village Add (O-31A)
Andover Vista
Anna Add
Appcon Add
Appcon Add Final Drainage
Ark Valley Concrete 2nd Add (P-181B)
Armstrong Acres (P159A)
Armstrong Acres 2nd Add
Arnall 1st Add (K-9)
Aspen Creek (P-148A)
Augusta Add (G-12)
Augusta Additions
Augusta Adds
Augusta Airport Tracts (O-107B)
Augusta Country Estates (O-173B)
Augusta Country Estates 2nd Add (P-137A)
Augusta Country Estates Replat (O-185B)
Augusta Heights Add
Augusta Hotel Add Pg1
Augusta Hotel Add Pg2
Augusta Housing Project
Augusta Industrial Park (O-91A)
Autumn Ridge 2nd Add
Autumn Ridge Sub (P-136A)
Avi Aqua Sub (E-25.5)
Ayers Acres (O-129B)